About TRT

Telsy TRT [Threat Recon Team] is the cyber security and threat hunting division of Telsy SpA. It’s composed of malicious code specialists, intelligence analysts and “white hat” hackers.

It ‘s specialized in researching, analyzing and providing detailed information concerning targeted IT attacks perpetrated by both known and unknown actors.

Telsy TRT makes use of an extensive network of relationships with other entities involved in similar activities as well as statistical data coming from one of the major internet provider in the world, from which it acquires telemetry and useful information in order to catalog and track even so-called “emerging” threats.

These activities are usually classified internally according to the TLP standard. This standard employs four colors to indicate expected sharing boundaries to be applied by the recipients [white,green,amber,red].

The majority of the investigations performed are classified according to a “green” or higher indicator; those classified with a “white” one can flow, on a “best effort” approach, into the public domain through this blog, while all of them go to feed the information park of the Telsy CTI [Cyber Threat Intelligence] platform and related security services.

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